Solar Skylight

Solar Skylight

Brightening up any room at no cost

The Solar Skylight is a revolutionary new system that performs as an alternative to traditional skylights in that it is a solar-powered LED light that changes in brightness based on the amount of sun exposure to the solar panel.

Traditional skylights may be more expensive, more difficult to install and have several limitations. The biggest limitation is the fact that usually they are only effective when installed directly on the roof so they often only work in single-storey homes. They do not work in multi-storey apartments or office buildings and cannot be used to light up certain areas of the home such as the basement or even under the stairs.

Skylight Before and After

With the Solar Skylight system you get the benefits of more harmonious indoor illumination, higher energy efficiency and better cost effectiveness.

  • Bright LED light panel

    The Solar Skylight is capable of auto-adjusting the level of brightness that it emits to match external conditions, so when it is bright outside, your room will be bright inside. When it is dark outside, the level of light inside will drop too. This is ideal as it creates an interior environment that is in harmony with the outdoors.

  • Very quick and easy installation

    This ingenious system can be installed anywhere! It can even be installed in multi-storey housing and in high rise buildings. What’s more, it can be used to light up even the darkest spaces and corners from the entrance, hallway and restroom to the basement, laundry, bathroom and under the stairs.

  • No structural changes to your home

    Because the installation does not involve making a hole in the roof, you do not need to worry about the possibility of springing a leak in the roof.

  • Energy-efficient

    The Solar Skylight works using solar energy so you never have to worry about rising energy bills.

  • Keeps noise, heat and UV outside

    This innovative skylight system keeps the heat, noise and UV outside. Nothing gets transferred inside expect for light, which is exactly what you want.

There’s no doubt that the Solar Skylight offers several advantages over its more traditional counterpart.

There are no restrictions as to where the Solar Skylight can be installed

It be installed at any level of a home or building. Traditional skylights can only be installed on the roof top of any construction. In a multi-storey construction, only the topmost level can enjoy the benefits of a skylight. All other levels have to do without.

The Solar Skylight can light up any corner of the home

It is capable of lighting up places that traditional skylights would never have been able to reach including basements, stairs, corridors, kitchens entrances. With the Solar Skylight installed in your home, you never have to contend with dimly lit areas or dark spaces in your home ever again.

No light shafts or flexible tube means no risk of leaking and other problems

Installing a traditional skylight involves passing light shafts or flexible tubes through the roof, which means a hole has to be made in the roof first. This makes the roof prone leaking if there is even the slightest gap that has not been sealed off properly.

It adjusts to match the conditions outside

When the sun is shining, the interiors will be bright and sunny too. On cloudy days or towards dusk, the light output reduces to reflect the outside conditions.

Heat, noise and UV do not get transferred indoors

When you use a traditional skylight, heat, noise and UV may create major problems indoors during the warmer months. This is not likely to happen with the Solar Skylight because it is essentially a sealed system. The only thing that gets transmitted indoors is light.

The Solar Skylight is made up of three main components – the solar panel, the LED panel and a cable. The solar panel and LED panel light are connected by passing the cable through the roof and ceiling.

Once the solar panel is mounted on the roof or any outdoor location, it collects the available solar energy.

The harnessed solar energy is transmitted to the control module, which then powers the LED panel. The amount of light that the LED panel emits is directly dependent upon the amount of solar energy that it receives. The more sunlight it receives, the more light it emits. Lesser sunlight means lesser solar energy and lower light output.

This automatic adjustment ensures that the system always provides harmonious light levels and the light conditions inside the home are always a genuine reflection of the natural light conditions that exist outdoors.

Q. Do I need to call a professional to install the Solar Skylight in my premises?

A. This system is designed to be a D.I.Y. installation so there’s no need to call an electrician or any professional to set it up.

Q. Can I attach the Solar Skylight anywhere?

A. For best results, the device should ideally be installed facing a position that allows it to collect the maximum amount of sunlight.

Q. How do I install the Solar Panel?

A. The solar panel comes with a mounting plate and screws. The mounting plate also includes 2 arm-brackets that you can use to tilt the solar panel for better sun exposure.

Q. Can the cable be to extended or cut?

A. Yes, there is no problem cutting or extending the cable.

Q. Do I need to switch off the system at night?

A. The system adjusts automatically to outside light conditions so it gives out progressively less light towards the latter part of the day and emits no light at all after dark. You do not have to worry about shutting it off.

FrameWhite (Aluminum)
LED Panel Size    ø 11″ 7/8 x 7″ 7/8
Cut Sizeø 11″
LED chips100PCS
Color Temp.5000-5500K (Cool white)