Why consider solar attic vents?

Why should you consider having solar attic vents in your roof?

As we rely more on fossil fuels and electricity, perhaps there are some ways in which homeowners can be less dependant on expensive and non-environmentally friendly forms of energy. Installing solar attic vents is a simple way to make your home more environmentally friendly. Solar attic ventilation eliminates the risk of poor ventilation in your attic, promotes the lifespan of the materials in your roof and reduces energy costs in your home. Each solar powered vent installed makes our world just a little greener.

Eliminate Poor Ventilation

Solar attic vents eliminate the risk of poor ventilation by using an “active” ventilation system rather than traditional “passive” ventilation. Most of our homes use a passive ventilation system where cool air enters the attic through the soffit areas around the house and pushes hot air out through the passive rooftop vents which is adequate in theory but in reality highly inefficient. The problem here is that the process relies on the very slow rate of rising air, often keeping heat and moisture lingering in the attic.

Our solar powered vents use active ventilation, which relies on a powered device to force air out of the attic. Solar cells power a small motor which rotates a fan removing between 300 and 800 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute). This will mean any lingering, hot, moist or old air will be forced out allowing the soffits to bring in more fresh air and creating a healthy cycle. The solar attic vents can work with the minimum amount of the sun’s UV rays. When the motor turns off at any time, the vents return to standard passive ventilation.

Promote a Healthy Attic

Installing solar attic vents will ensure your attic and its components stay healthy for years to come. By actively removing warm and moist air from the attic, the solar vents help preserve the roof’s shingles and wooden components, especially plywood. This greatly reduces the likelihood of hazardous mould buildup in the attic or wood in your roof. It also reduces premature curling of the shingles.

Reduce Energy Costs

Solar attic vents can reduce the cost of your energy bill during the summer. On hot days, heat is retained inside the attic until it reaches expansion (around 72 degrees Celsius) at which point heat will radiate throughout the attic and into the house. In older homes this problem is more severe due to the lack of soffit vents (in some cases there are none). Solar powered vents will force hot air out drastically reducing the temperature and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The system will not need to work as hard saving the homeowner money on energy costs over the years.

Adding a solar powered vent to your home is a simple way to make your home environmentally friendly. Solar attic vents will eliminate the risk of poor ventilation, increase the lifespan of the wood and shingles in your home and save the homeowner money on their energy bill. We are confident that the advantage of solar technology in this type of application will offer you great savings and better performance in your home.