Homeowner’s Choice / Roofers And Builders Choice

attic-ventilationSolar attic fans are the latest innovation in attic ventilation and it is not just homeowners who are seeing the tremendous benefits. These simple but ingenious devices are finding favor as the preferred option amongst roofers and builders too. Here are some of the reasons why solar attic fans are everybody’s No.1 choice when it comes to attic ventilation.

Benefits Of Solar Attic Fans For Homeowners

By the simple act of actively pushing out the hot, stuffy indoor air and replacing it with cool, fresh air from outside, solar attic fans offer a wealth of benefits.

Cooler Interiors: Without active ventilation, there is a higher likelihood of the hot air getting dispersed throughout the house, raising the overall temperatures.

Enhanced Structural Protection: Efficient ventilation offers the roof better protection against shingle distortion and premature aging in summer months and against wood rot and mould and mildew build up in winter months.

Weather & Impact Resistant: Our solar attic fans are built for the harsh Canadian winters and can stand tough winds, rain and even hail

Tremendous Savings All Around: Cooler interiors mean less load on the air conditioning so your air conditioner lasts longer. It also means less energy is used to keep the interiors cool so you enjoy huge savings off your monthly utility bill. And because solar attic fans work purely on solar energy, it only adds to the savings every month.

Benefits Of Solar Attic Fans For Roofers And Builders

Easier & Faster installation: Installing solar attic fans is hassle free and so much easier and faster as compared to traditional ventilation fans mainly because there is no complicated and time-consuming electrical wiring involved.

Happier Clients: Cooler interiors, stronger roofs and tremendous savings in every way, from lower cost price and installation charges to ongoing lower monthly utility bills make for happier clients.

Environmental Preservation: By working solely on solar power, solar attic fans do not overload the earth’s limited resources and are a true green product. This is something that is finding favor with everybody today.