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Why Solar Ventilation?

Attic ventilation can make a tremendous difference to the comfort level in the entire home.

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Proud to be Canadian!

Inspired by the solar energy industry, Canada Go Green designs, manufactures and distributes energy efficient products for residential and commercial construction. In 2010 we designed our first solar powered ventilator. We are proud to be 100% Canadian. Our products are designed, assembled and tested for quality control at our facilities in Ontario and our products…

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Passive ventilation vs. Active ventilation

What are passive roof vents? A picture of a home with 4 passive box vents Passive roof vents are the most common roof vents on the market, chances are your roof has them installed right now. Passive vents work without the use of motorized fans or turbines, they rely only on passive airflow to ventilate…

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Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Vents During Winter

Keep your Attic Dry and Well Ventilated During the day, the sun beats down on your roof and heat builds up inside the attic. This creates an environment in the attic that is warmer than the colder temperatures outside. This difference in temperature can allow condensation to form inside the attic. Over time this can…

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Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Vents During Summer

Your Attic Space during Summer On an average summer day, the heat that has built up in home’s attic space attic can be considered extreme heat. A seemingly normal outside temperature of 80°F or 27°C will make the attic temperatures as high as 120°F or 49°C . On even hotter summer days, attic temperatures can…

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