What is the benefit of installing solar vents on my roof?

Solar powered vents work to actively ventilate your attic space. Some benefits include;
– Promote healthy air circulation inside your attic
– Pull out moist and humid air which can help against mold, rotting plywood and attic rain
– Ensure the temperature inside your attic is the same as the outdoors
– Pulls out hot air which will prevent your attic from extreme heat buildup during the summer

Do they still work at night?

At night, the solar vent will ventilate passively depending on how much NFA (Net Free Area) that specific model has.

How do solar vents differ from other vents?

Solar vents use solar energy to power a fan-blade, which actively forces air out of the attic. Traditional passive vents rely only on natural airflow.

Do your solar vents vent have a thermostat or humidistat?

The only model which has a thermostat is the All Seasons Gable Fan. Our other models do not have a thermostat or humidistat. As long as UV rays are hitting the solar panel, they are operating

Are they noisy?

No. Our vents are especially quiet.

Is there any wiring or assembly required?

No, Canada Go Green solar vents are ready to install right out of the box. Simply install it as you would a traditional roof vent.

How much maintenance is involved?

Canada Go Green solar attic fans are maintenance-free in all respects.

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

Our warranty is 10 years. This covers the entire unit for any product defects.

Does it have a battery or store any energy?

Our solar vents do not have a battery or store any energy.

Is there an on/off switch?

There is no on/off switch. The solar vent will work any time there are UV rays hitting the solar panel.

What kind of material are your solar vents made of?

Our 4 Seasons and 4 Seasons PRO models use polycarbonate and ABS which is both strong and flexible. This plastic does not fade in color during the summer and is resistant to cracking during the winter. You can also install it with a nail gun without worrying about chipping the plastic.
Our 4 Seasons HP uses galvanized steel which is rust proof and our 4 Seasons Flat Roof vent uses spun aluminum.

Should the solar vents be working during the winter?

Yes! Your attic should be the same temperature on the inside as it is outdoors at all times, especially winter! During the winter these vents will pull out heat and condensation while promoting healthy air circulation inside. This will helps prevent against common problems such as a frozen attic, attic rain, condensation and ice damming.

Are they hail resistant?

Yes, our vents use solar panels which are protected by tempered glass and are up to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. Testing involves dropping a 150g steel ball on the vent and checking for cracks, dents and damage. All our solar vents have passed this test!

Will this vent draw heat from my home (living space) during the winter?

This will not be a problem if your home is properly insulated. Even regular passive vents will draw heat from your home if you are lacking proper insulation.

What happens if is not working?

If at any time the vent is not receiving UV rays, the unit will still be ventilating as a passive vent. How much will depend on the NFA (Net Free Area) of the model.

If a solar vent is next to a passive vent, will it "short circuit" my ventilation system and only draw air from the passive vent?

A solar vent spaced regularly from a passive vent should not draw air from that passive vent. Our vents will draw from the entire attic space, as well as the existing intake vents.

Can I mix solar powered vents with regular passive vents?

Yes. Our vents are designed to promote healthy airflow in the attic. There is nothing in the Canadian National Building Code (CNBC) or International Building Code (IBC) that prohibits mixing active vents such as wind turbines or solar powered vents with passive vents.

What is the lifespan?

The lifespan of our solar vents relies on the longevity of the motor and solar panel in each unit. The Monocrystalline solar panels have a lifespan of over 20 years while brushless DC motors can operate for more than 15 years.

Should I block off my existing passive vents?

You do not need to block off you existing static vents. If you decide to , it is a good idea to ensure you are still meeting the amount of NFA (Net Free Area) required for your attic space.

Who can install a Canada Go Green solar vent?

Any roofing contractor with experience installing shingles and roof vents should be able to install a solar vent, as there are no differences in the actual installation. However, if you would like a contractor who is familiar with our products and uses them regularly you can find the one closes to you at www.canadagogreen.com/installers

Where can I buy CanadaGoGreen Products?

Please visit the distributors section here: distributors


Do I need to call a professional to install the Solar Skylight in my premises?

This system is designed to be a D.I.Y. installation so there’s no need to call an electrician or any professional to set it up.

Can I attach the Solar Skylight anywhere?

For best results, the device should ideally be installed facing a position that allows it to collect the maximum amount of sunlight.

How do I install the Solar Panel?

The solar panel comes with a mounting plate and screws. The mounting plate also includes 2 arm-brackets that you can use to tilt the solar panel for better sun exposure.

Can the cable be to extended or cut?

Yes, there is no problem cutting or extending the cable.

Do I need to switch off the system at night?

The system adjusts automatically to outside light conditions so it gives out progressively less light towards the latter part of the day and emits no light at all after dark. You do not have to worry about shutting it off.