What do solar powered attic fans do?

Solar attic fans are uniquely designed to provide active attic ventilation by running on solar energy. It is much more efficient and also more environmentally friendly as compared to any other attic ventilation option.

Do solar attic fans work in winter?

On days when there is less than ideal sun exposure, our solar attic fans will work just as efficiently when some bright light breaks through the clouds and the snow and reaches the panel.

How do solar attic fans differ from other vents?

Solar attic fans actively draw in cold air and push out hot air, preventing the excessive buildup of heat in the attic and keeping it cooler all day long. Gable, turbine and ridge vents merely act as outlets for the hot air to flow out of, which only cools the attic down marginally. On a very hot afternoon, the cooling down effects of these passive vents is just not enough.

Do I really need to go to such lengths to cool down my attic?

On very hot days, attic insulation does not provide enough of a barrier to stop the hot air from passing through. This heat which comes in spreads around the house forces the air conditioners to work harder to maintain an ambient indoor temperature. However, by actively getting rid of hot air and bringing in cooler air, solar attic fans help maintain a cooler environment without overtaxing your air conditioner and without increasing your energy bills.

Do solar attic fans operate loudly or quietly?

They operate surprisingly quietly. The motor and fan blade has an innovative design that ensures you won’t know it’s running at all.

Does the installation of solar fans call for any wiring?

No, there is no wiring used during the installing. In fact, you will not even need to call an electrician.

How much maintenance is involved?

Canada Go Green solar attic fans are maintenance-free in all respects.

Where can I buy CanadaGoGreen Products?

Please visit the distributors section here: distributors


Do I need to call a professional to install the Solar Skylight in my premises?

This system is designed to be a D.I.Y. installation so there’s no need to call an electrician or any professional to set it up.

Can I attach the Solar Skylight anywhere?

For best results, the device should ideally be installed facing a position that allows it to collect the maximum amount of sunlight.

How do I install the Solar Panel?

The solar panel comes with a mounting plate and screws. The mounting plate also includes 2 arm-brackets that you can use to tilt the solar panel for better sun exposure.

Can the cable be to extended or cut?

Yes, there is no problem cutting or extending the cable.

Do I need to switch off the system at night?

The system adjusts automatically to outside light conditions so it gives out progressively less light towards the latter part of the day and emits no light at all after dark. You do not have to worry about shutting it off.