Canada Go Green holds partnerships with Canada’s top roofing and building material distributors.

We are proud to serve customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.

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Showroom Support

We understand that to be successful with Canada Go Green products our distributors need their showrooms stocked with the appropriate resources. We will provide a stand up display and literature to the branches who stock Canada Go Green products. We also have sample boards, banners and pallet displays available upon request.

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Attending Open Houses & Events

Planning an open house? Inviting your customer base to meet and interact with your suppliers? Canada Go Green commits itself to being an active member of the industry it serves by attending open houses and events hosted by our distributors.

Let us send one of our representatives to attend your event, set up a table and showcase our product line along with demonstrations, literature and free merchandise giveaways for attendees.

What’s New

Proud to be Canadian!

Inspired by the solar energy industry, Canada Go Green designs, manufactures and distributes energy efficient products for residential and commercial construction. In 2010 we designed our first solar powered ventilator. We are proud to be 100% Canadian. Our products are designed, assembled and tested for quality control at our facilities in Ontario and our products…

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What does Canada Go Green do for registered installers?

Contractors who choose to use Canada Go Green products can rest easy knowing that we will do everything we can to help them succeed. This includes on demand customer service, sample boards, literature, merchandise, website map placement and more. Sample BoardsRegistered installers can request sample boards that will allow them to better present our products…

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Passive ventilation vs. Active ventilation

What are passive roof vents? A picture of a home with 4 passive box vents Passive roof vents are the most common roof vents on the market, chances are your roof has them installed right now. Passive vents work without the use of motorized fans or turbines, they rely only on passive airflow to ventilate…

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