hail resistant


The 4 Seasons solar fan is designed and built for sloped shingled roof applications. The vent works by using the sun’s energy to power a fan which pulls excess heat, moisture and humidity out of the attic while promoting healthy air circulation. It can operate from dawn until dusk and has a similar size and shape as traditional roof vents, allowing it to work as a regular passive vent after sun-down.

Because of the sensitive solar panel, the 4 Seasons solar vent can operate even during low light conditions. This vent is often used as an alternative to wind turbines.

500 sq ft attic space *


* up to 500 sq ft of attic or crawl space

400 CFM
airflow **


** up to 400 CFM of airflow reading under laboratory conditions

The 4 Seasons is the leader product on solar powered attic ventilation for Canada market.

  • Heavy Duty Construction. Polycarbonate-ABS formulated with UV and low temperature stabilizers. This product construction marks a huge distance from the average ventilation products in the market.
  • Easy Installation. Fully assembled, no electrical setup. Extended flange with pre-perforated nail holes makes the installation fast and simple.
  • True Impact and Wild Animal Resistant. Hood is secured with fasteners, we guarantee there is no way an animal can be able to break in through our vents.
  • 10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Cools up to 500 sq feet of attic space
  • Ventilates up to 400 CFM
  • 3 wing ABS fan blade
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Polycarbonate and ABS with anti-UV/Freeze construction
  • Wild life resistant
  • Hail resistant
  • Leak proof flashing
  • Quiet operation and no vibration
  • Waterproof wire connectors