Changes on the 4 Seasons HP for Flat Roof

January 23, 2019

Our team is pleased to announce that we have been successful in making changes to the design and components of our 4 Seasons HP for Flat Roofs

Solar Panels
We have changed the background colour from white to black giving the unit a much sharper appearance. The solar panels are still impact resistant and mono-crystalline. All of our solar panels are now CSA approved.

The redesigned flashing gives the unit a “sleek” appearance. The vent is still made using spun aluminium.


Weather and Wildlife Resistance
The unit is now fitted with a mesh on the underside of the hood, providing additional protection against wind-driven rain and snow. This mesh also keeps out wildlife including rodents and insects.

Mesh on the underside of the hood

New Motor to improve lifetime and efficiency
After listening to the feedback of our distributors as well as roofing contractors, we replaced the motor with a smaller, more efficient brush-less DC motor. To ensure maximum possible lifespan, we used Japanese ball bearings in this motor, allowing for a lifespan of over 15 years.

The motor is sealed, offering protection from dust, water, snow and ice and can operate from -50 to +50 °C. The motor operates more quietly than the previous motor and is virtually silent.

New Fanblade
We have replaced the aluminium 5 wing blade with a 3-wing blade made of ABS Poly-carbonate optimized for maximum airflow.

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Underside of the redesigned flat roof vent

Always Innovating
Canada Go Green is committed to designing and manufacturing new and improved products for you. All of our products are designed and tested at our facilities in Ontario. We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of solar powered vents in Canada!