Canada Go Green in BC!

April 11, 2018

Canada Go Green is excited to announce that we now have distributors across British Columbia!

From Vancouver Island to Kelowna, we have been meeting with roofing contractors and roof material suppliers to determine how much interest our solar vents would get in BC, before starting distribution.

The results? We were overwhelmed at the positive feedback we got.

Distributors and roofing contractors alike could instantly see the amazing benefits our solar vents provide. Many were happy with the amount of air they move with such minimal sunlight, others liked the fact that they were purely solar powered. With a lot of moisture in the air, hot summers and many older homes, the solar powered vents will provide much needed relief for hot attics and poor ventilated roof in BC

As of this month, we are officially distributing in Courtenay, Nanaimo and Victoria on Vancouver island. On the mainland we are in the Greater Vancouver Area and Kelowna. We want to thank the roofing community in BC for welcoming us with such open arms.

Our solar vent display in front of a mountain view in Kelowna, BC

A stunning photo while waiting for the ferry to Nanaimo, BC